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Recently Published

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February 2018

Assessment and Adaptation to Climate Change Related Flood Risks (Brenden Jongman, Hessel C. Winsemius, Stuart A. Fraser, Sanne Muis, Philip J. Ward)
Natural Hazards Governance in the Philippines (Kanako Iuchi, Yasuhito Jibiki, Renato Solidum Jr., Ramon Santiago), summary
Rock Avalanches (Tim Davies), summary
Social Capital and Natural Hazards Governance (Daniel P. Aldrich, Michelle A. Meyer, Courtney M. Page-Tan)

January 2018

Risk Governance of Limited-Notice or No-Notice Natural Hazards (Maria Papathoma-Köhle, Dale Dominey-Howes)

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

Remote Sensing and Physical Modelling of Fires, Floods and Landslides (Mahesh Prakash, James Hilton, Claire Miller, Vincent Lemiale, Raymond Cohen, Yunze Wang)
Socio-Hydrology of Floods (Giuliano Di Baldassarre)

September 2017

Introduction to Socio-Ecological Resilience (Vincenzo Bollettino, Tilly Alcayna, Philip Dy, Patrick Vinck)
Natural Hazards and their Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa (Dewald van Niekerk, Livhuwani David Nemakonde)

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